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NDPC 2002 College Communications Contest Winners

NDPC recently named 56 winners in 31 categories in its 22nd annual college communications contest. Ninety-three students submitted 194 entries in the contest.

Institutions represented in the contest were: Minnesota State University-Moorhead (Minn.), Minot (N.D.) State University, University of Mary in Bismarck, N.D., Dickinson (N.D.) State University, University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, Concordia College in Moorhead, Minn., and North Dakota State University in Fargo, N.D.

Winners were recognized at NDPC's spring meeting luncheon May 4 at The Arts Center in Jamestown, N.D.

The communications contest is open to any student enrolled in at least a two-year college or university in North Dakota or Moorhead, Minn. All student entries are judged by communication professionals who critique the entries and provide students feedback about their work.

Winners were:
Dickinson State University
Celeste Berger - honorable mention, personal column
Carla Kraehenbuehl - first place, critic's review; second place, interview
Evan Gjovik - third place, critic's review
Kalen Ost - honorable mention, short fiction; honorable mention, sports writing
Marcy Fix - honorable mention, news reporting
Joel Sikes - honorable mention, sports writing
Ryan Pavlicek - honorable mention, critic's review
Rich Stradling - honorable mention, sports writing
Western Concept editors Fix, Ost and Berger - honorable mention, publication regularly edited by entrant
Impressions literary magazine editors Justin Dalzell, Eric Lindblad, Ted Munkacsi, Rich Stradling, Mary Stromme, and Theo Bohn - first place, yearbook/annual literary magazine

University of North Dakota
Native Directions staff Monique Vondall, Alva Irwin, and Holly Annis - honorable mention, publication regularly edited by entrant
Emily Hoffmann - second place, poster/flyer
Studio One Marketing Team Season 29 - third place, poster/flyer
Studio One Marketing Team Season 28 - second place, news releases; third place, newsletter
Kayla Effertz - honorable mention, yearbook/annual literary magazine
Adam Caskey - first place, TV weather broadcast; second place, TV news photography
Ryan Vipond - second place, TV weather broadcast; third place, TV news photography
Troy Clifton - second place, TV sports photography
Leanna Anderson - first place, general news reporting; third place, investigative/in-depth reporting
Nina Jacobsen - second place, general news reporting
Christine Roerig - third place (tie), general news reporting
Molli Ouimet - first place, feature reporting; third place (tie), general news reporting
Anita Ramdharry - second place, investigative/in-depth reporting; honorable mention, general news reporting; honorable mention, feature reporting
Lisa Steffan - honorable mention, general news reporting
Kelly Anderson - second place, feature reporting
William Ison - third place, feature reporting
Cory Morlock - first place, general sports reporting; second place, feature sports reporting
John Randall - first place, feature sports reporting; third place, general sports reporting
James Degelder - third place, feature sports reporting; honorable mention, general sports reporting
Studio One - first place, regularly scheduled news/information program
Stephanie Shimek - first place, investigative/in-depth reporting

North Dakota State University
Neal Coolong - first place, personal column, first place, editorial; second place (tie), sports writing
Melissa Vosen - second place, personal essay; second place, personal column
John Hansen - second place, critic's review; third place, section regularly edited by entrant; third place, interview
Bipasha Ray - first place, news reporting, third place, editorial; third place, special articles; 
Ray and Brooke Dahl - third place, publication regularly edited by entrant
Jeremiah Utecht and Trevor Quigley - third place, special series
Hansen, Mike Rogers and Travis Kroh - honorable mention, special series
Beth Payne - second place, newsletter; third place, yearbook/annual literary magazine
Ryan Perreault - second place (tie), sports writing; honorable mention, broadcast feature sports reporting
Carbon World editors Tanja Leung, Kendra Faiman, Amy Watkin, Kimberley Sjurseth, Kristi Lang, Conor Shenk, Kaitlin Johnson, Jason Lord, Shawn Fisher, and Casey Murrish - second place, yearbook/annual literary magazine

University of Mary, Bismarck
Rory Green - first place, single commercial
Christy Kronberg - first place, newsletter; first place, news releases
Emily McKay - first place, brochure
Jaclyn Mertz
 - second place, news reporting
Natalie Lindquist
 - first place, personal essay
Amanda Mosbrucker - third place (tie), sports writing
John Burd - first place, editorial 
Kronberg, Mertz and John Burd - first place, special supplement; second place, publication regularly edited by entrant
McKay, Kronberg and Mosbrucker
 - first place, special articles

Concordia College, Moorhead, Minn.
Cody Grivno - second place, special series

Minnesota State University - Moorhead
Bronson Lemer - first place, feature story; first place, interview
Eric Hahn - second place, feature story; honorable mention, section regularly edited by entrant; first place, single feature photo; first place, single news photo
Pippi Mayfield - first place, publication regularly edited by entrant; third place, feature story; third place, personal essay; third place (tie), sports writing
Joseph Whetham - first place, section regularly edited by entrant
Peter Montecuollo - first place, single sports photo
Amy Dalrymple - first place, special series; second place, special articles; honorable mention, news reporting; honorable mention, editorial
Melissa Martz - first place, TV news photography
Devyn Heier - first place, TV sports photography
Teri Finneman - first place, sports writing; third place, news reporting; honorable mention, personal essay
Bradley Feldman - second place, general sports reporting

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