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NDPC 2004 College Communications Contest Winners

Winners of the 2004 North Dakota Professional Communicators College Communications Contest were recognized June 5 at the NDPC state conference in New Town, N.D. More than 100 college students and teams from nine North Dakota and Minnesota schools participated in the annual competition. 

Communications professionals in each field judged 189 entries from student journalists, editors, broadcasters, photographers, designers and writers. More than 100 entries received awards.

The contest is open to any student enrolled in at least a two-year college or university in North Dakota or Moorhead, Minn. Judges critique entries and provide students with feedback.

Participating institutions were North Dakota State University, Fargo; University of North Dakota, Grand Forks; University of Mary, Bismarck; Minot State University; Dickinson State University; Valley City State University; Jamestown College; Minnesota State University Moorhead; and Concordia College, Moorhead.

2004 College Communications Contest results

Print media entries

News reporting
First: Joe Schirmer, North Dakota State University
Second: Elizabeth Capouch, Concordia College
Third (tie): Cathy Bongers, Minnesota State University Moorhead
Third (tie): Dave Nilles, NDSU
Honorable mention (tie): Kristi Lang, NDSU
Honorable mention (tie): Cody DogEagle, Anna Garrett, Carrie Kuhn, Susan Pickart, Amanda Schantz, University of Mary

First: John Burd, U Mary
Second: Sarah Olsonawski, MSUM
Third: Joe Schirmer, NDSU
HM: Carolyn Olson, U Mary

First: Andrea Blessum, U Mary
Second: Andrea Pandolfo, Jamestown College
Third: Kayla Schramm, U Mary
HM: Lindsay Hill, U Mary

Special articles
First: Britta Trygstad, MSUM
Second: Amy Oster, NDSU

Personality profile
First: Dustin Monke, MSUM
Second: Laura Schrupp, Concordia
Third: Rodney Colson, U Mary
Honorable mention (tie): Elizabeth Capouch, Concordia
Honorable mention (tie): Stacy Fiedler, U Mary

Personal column
First: Michael Rose, Minot State University
Second: Kelly Hagen, MSUM
Third: Alicia Strnad, MSUM
Honorable mention: Dave Nilles, NDSU

Special series
First: Barbie Porter and Alicia Strnad, MSUM

Sports writing
First: Dave Nilles, NDSU
Second: Joe Schirmer, NDSU
Third: Lindsay Czarnecki, Concordia
Honorable mention: Jenny Michael, U Mary

First: Kristi Lang, NDSU
Second: Matt Perrine, NDSU
Third: Kathy Schiele, NDSU
Honorable mention: Elizabeth Capouch, Concordia

Personal essay
First: none awarded
Second: Elizabeth Capouch, Concordia
Third: Britta Trygstad, MSUM
Honorable mention: Hayden Goethe, MSUM

Section regularly edited by entrant
First: Amy Oster, NDSU
Second: Dave Nilles, NDSU
Third: Matt Perrine, NDSU
Honorable mention: Dustin Monke, MSUM

Special supplement
First: Mandy Taniguchi, Minot State

Publication regularly edited by entrant
First: Joe Schirmer, NDSU
Second: Mandy Taniguchi, Minot State
Third: Alicia Strnad, MSUM
Honorable mention: Aubrey Fiebelkorn, Carrie Kuhn, John Burd, Carolyn Olson, U Mary


Single news photo
First: none awarded
Second: Adam Konczewski, Minot State
Third: Nicole Nicolai, NDSU

Single feature photo
First: Alyssa Hurst, NDSU
Second: Kristi Lang, NDSU
Third: Nicole Nicolai, NDSU

Sports photo
First: Alyssa Hurst, NDSU
Second: Adam Konczewski, Minot State
Honorable mention: Mandy Taniguchi, Minot State

Photo essay
First: Adam Konczewski, Minot State
Honorable mention: Alyssa Hurst, NDSU


General news reporting
First: Sarah Spencer, UND
Second (tie): Emily Tobin, UND
Second (tie): Philip Zubrod, UND
Third: Matt Benz, UND
Honorable mention: Heidi Seyer, UND

On-the-scene news reporting
First: Sarah Spencer, UND

Investigative/in-depth report
First: Sarah Spencer and Kristin Gillick, UND
Second: Spencer, UND
Third: Philip Zubrod, UND
Honorable mention (tie): Heidi Seyer, UND
Honorable mention (tie): Emily Tobin, UND

Feature reporting
First: Philip Zubrod, UND
Second: Heidi Erickson, Concordia
Third: Heidi Seyer, UND
Honorable mention (tie): Andrew Brown and Lawrence Connor, Minot State
Honorable mention (tie): Sten T. Brand, UND

General sports reporting
First: Greg Enkers, UND
Second: Cory Morlock, UND

Feature sports reporting
First: Cory Morlock, UND
Second: Greg Enkers, UND
Third: Billy Fiedler, UND

Special programming
First: Kayla Muehler, MSUM
Honorable mention: Paul Radach, U Mary

Regularly scheduled news/information program
First: Studio One, UND

TV weather broadcast
First: Studio One, UND

TV news photography
First: Frode Tilden, UND
Second: Sten T. Brand, UND
Third: Charles Moore, UND
Honorable mention: Nathan Knutson, MSUM

TV sports photography
First: Frode Tilden, UND
Second: Emily Tobin, UND
Third: Charles Moore, UND

TV electronic graphics
First: Alyssa Cordts, UND
Second: Robert Parrish, UND


Web page design
First: Erica Zundel, U Mary

Other communications materials

News releases
First: Studio One Marketing Team, UND

First: Erica Zundel, U Mary
Second: Andrea Blessum, U Mary

First: Studio One, UND

Yearbook/literary magazine
First: Impressions 2003, Dickinson State
Second: Studio One, UND

Combination promotional campaign
First: Sleek Communications, MSUM
(Betsy Bishoff, Liz Friedlander, Tara Lage, Katy Nagel, Sarah Smith)
Second: Ggros Communications, MSUM
(Brooke Gullickson, Jolene Goldade, Brent Rogness, Sarah Olsonawski, Melissa Steiner)
Third: Forward Focus, MSUM
(Chasidy Anderson, Allison Johnson, Ryan Oberg, Tina Ehirchs, Danielle Riebe)

First: no award
Second: Erica Zundel, U Mary

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