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NDPC 2006 College Communications Contest Winners

Winners of the 2006 North Dakota Professional Communicators College Communications Contest were recognized at the NDPC state conference May 6 in the Comfort Inn, Bismarck. More than 100 college students and teams from 10 North Dakota and Minnesota schools participated in the annual competition.

Communications professionals in each field judged more than 250 entries from student journalists, editors, broadcasters, photographers, designers and writers and entries received awards. A total of 128 awards were presented in 44 categories.

The contest is open to any student enrolled in at least a two-year college or university in North Dakota or Moorhead, Minn. Judges, selected for their professional expertise in each field, critique entries and provide students with feedback.

Participating institutions were: North Dakota State University, Fargo; University of North Dakota, Grand Forks; University of Mary and Bismarck State College, Bismarck, N.D.; Minot (N.D.) State University; Dickinson (N.D.) State University; Jamestown (N.D.) College; Lake Region State College, Devils Lake, N.D.; Minnesota State University Moorhead; and Concordia College, Moorhead.

NDPC is devoted to the advancement of professional and student communicators through workshops, contests, mentoring and continuing education opportunities.

2006 College Communications Contest results

Print media entries

News reporting
First: Alexandra Lundahl, Concordia
Second: Alicia Strnad, MSUM
Third: Megan Harrington, NDSU
Honorable mention: Amy Torkelson, Jamestown College

First: Nikki Royal/Allison O’Toole, Jamestown College
Honorable Mention: Robin Besse, Minot State

Feature story
First: Lee Morris, MSUM
Second: Jenny Michael, U Mary
Third: Kay LaCoe, U Mary
Honorable Mention (tie): Kellie Meehlhause, MSUM
Honorable Mention (tie): Jackie Pommerer, NDSU

Special articles
First: Jenny Michael, U Mary
Second: Jackie Pommerer, NDSU

Personality profile
Second: Jennifer Weisgerber, BSC
Third: Jackie Pommerer, NDSU
Honorable Mention (tie): Alexandra Lundahl, Concordia
Honorable Mention (tie):  Wade Shaver, BSC

Personal column
First: Cheryl Childs, NDSU
Second: Alicia Strnad, MSUM
Third: Jennifer Weisgerber, BSC
Honorable Mention: Jackie Pommerer, NDSU

Special series
First: Amy Oster, NDSU
Third: Danielle Toske, NDSU

Sports writing
First: Keith Dickhudt, NDSU
Second: John Edison, UND
Honorable Mention (tie): Jenny Michael, U Mary
Honorable Mention (tie): Lindsey Bell, Jamestown College

First: Amy Oster, NDSU
Second: Elly Grothem, Jamestown College
Third: John Edison, UND

Personal essay
First: Alicia Strnad, MSUM
Second: Ashley Johnk, MSUM
Third: Kellie Meelhause, MSUM
Honorable Mention: Jessica Ault, Jamestown College

Special supplement
First: Jennifer Weisgerber, BSC
Second: John Edison, UND

Section regularly edited by entrant
First: Ryan Lesnau, NDSU
Second: Sara Hacking, MSUM
Third: Jackie Pommerer and BreeAnna Hanson, NDSU

Publication regularly edited by entrant
First: John Edison, UND
Second: Alicia Strnad, MSUM
Third: Amy Oster, NDSU


Single news photo
First: Jay Pickthorn, MSUM
Second: Elizabeth Chinander, MSUM

Single feature photo
First: Elizabeth Chinander, MSUM
Second: Jackie Pommerer, NDSU
Third: Jay Pickthorn, MSUM

Single sports photo
First: Ryan Arhart, NDSU
Second: William Highley, Minot State
Third (tie): Elizabeth Chinander, MSUM
Third (tie): Jay Pickthorn, MSUM

Photo essay
First: Heather Gruenhagen, MSUM


General news reporting
First: Danielle Webster, UND
Second (tie): Candace Thornberg, MSUM
Second (tie): Maria Torning, UND
Honorable Mention: Emily Tobin, UND

On-the-scene news reporting
Second: J.D. Black, Minot State

Investigative/in-depth reporting
First: Danielle Webster/Maria Torning, UND
Second: Maria Torning, UND
Third: Nathan Shain, UND
Honorable Mention: Shawn Engel, UND

Feature reporting
First: Anne M. Clark, UND
Second (tie): Virginia Stika, UND
Second (tie): Candace Thornberg, MSUM
Third: Nick Johnson, UND
Honorable Mention (tie): Amanda Schantz, U Mary
Honorable Mention (tie): Nathan Shain, UND

First: Shannon Brewer, UND
Third: Jenna Lund, UND

General sports reporting
First: Tyler Tupa, UND
Second (tie): Greg Enkers, UND
Second (tie): William Highley/Lawrence Conner, Minot State
Third: Andrew Leraas, Minot State
Honorable Mention: Nathan Shain, UND

Feature sports reporting
 Greg Enkers, UND
Second: Nathan Shain, UND
Third: Tyler Tupa, UND
Honorable Mention: Darren Lien, UND

Special programming
First: Derek Pikop/Larissa Shea, Concordia
Second: William Highley/Brandon Walton, Minot State

Regularly scheduled news/information program
First: Studio One, UND

TV weather broadcast
First: J.D. Black, Minot State
Second: Matt Benz, UND
Third: Candace Thornberg, MSUM

TV news photography
First: Nathan Knutson, MSUM
Second: Shawn Engel, UND
Honorable Mention: Danielle Webster, UND

TV feature photography
First: Brandon Walton, Minot State
Second: Patrick Trausch, UND
Third: Patrick Wynne, UND

TV sports photography
First: Nathan Shain, UND
Second: Darren Lien, UND
Third: Nick Johnson, UND
Honorable Mention: Greg Enkers, UND

TV electronic graphics
First: Jill Hutchinson, UND
Second: Jenna Barke, UND


Web page design
First: Christopher McEwen/Steven Hartmann, NDSU
Second: Travis Nylund, Minot State
Third: Kay LaCoe, U Mary

Writing for the Web
First: Michelle Roers, MSUM
Second: Kay LaCoe, U Mary

Advertising - Print

Single display ad
First: Jill Burnosky, MSUM
Second: Mike Neubauer, MSUM
Third: Sarah Lorentz, MSUM

Campaign or series built around one subject
First: Jill Burnosky, MSUM

Advertising - Electronic

Single commercial
First: Brandon Walton/Greg Desaye, Minot State
Second (tie): Nick Neels, MSUM
Second (tie): Kyle Thilmony, MSUM
Third: Lindsay Ellison, U Mary

Radio or TV campaign
First: Kyle Thilmony, MSUM

Other communications materials

News release
First: Season 37 Studio One marketing team, UND
Second: Season 36 Studio One marketing team, UND

First: Nick Neels, MSUM
Second: Michelle Roers, MSUM
Third: Nichole Marthaler, MSUM

First: Sara Hacking, MSUM
Second: Michelle Roers, MSUM
Third: Studio One marketing team, UND

First: Jennifer Weisgerber, BSC
Second: Travis Nylund, Minot State
Third (tie): Mike Neubauer, MSUM
Third (tie): Michelle Roers, MSUM

Combination promotion campaign
First: Studio One marketing team, UND

Yearbook/literary magazine
Figments of Imagination, BSC
Second: Shorelines, Lake Region State College
Third: Impressions 2005, Dickinson State University

Short fiction and poetry
First: Alicia Strnad, MSUM
Second: Jennifer Weisgerber, BSC

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