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NDPC 2009 College Communications Contest Winners

Winners of the 2009 North Dakota Professional Communicators College Communications Contest were recognized at the NDPC state conference May 2 at the Grand International Inn, Minot. More than 100 college students and teams from seven North Dakota and Minnesota schools participated in the annual competition.
Communications professionals in each field judged more than 120 entries from student journalists, editors, broadcasters, photographers, designers and writers and entries received awards. A total of 90 awards were presented in 34 categories.
The contest is open to any student enrolled in at least a two-year college or university in North Dakota or Moorhead, Minn. Judges, selected for their professional expertise in each field, critique entries and provide students with feedback.
Participating institutions were: University of North Dakota, Grand Forks; University of Mary, Bismarck, N.D.; Minot (N.D.) State University; Dickinson (N.D.) State University; Jamestown (N.D.) College; Lake Region State College, Devils Lake, N.D.; Minnesota State University Moorhead.

NDPC is devoted to the advancement of professional and student communicators through workshops, contests, mentoring and continuing education opportunities.

2009 College Communications Contest results
Print Media Entries

News Reporting
First: Tricia McCann, Jamestown
Second: Curtis Bakken, Jamestown
Third: Richard Schmit, Jamestown
Honorable Mention: Holly Newton, Jamestown
First: Tricia McCann, Jamestown
Second: Jenna Tews, Jamestown
Third: Bill Heinzen, Jamestown
Honorable Mention: Jarann Johnson, Jamestown
Feature Story
First: Holly Newton, Jamestown
Second: Bill Heinzen, Jamestown
Third: Jessica Bauman, University of Mary
Special Articles
First: Cole Eklund, Jamestown
Personality Profile
First: April Baumgarten, Jamestown
Second: Kelly Wald, University of Mary
Third: Tara Ness, University of Mary
Personal Column
Honorable Mention: Kelle Bacon, University of Mary
Sports Writing
First: Brian Mistro, Jamestown
Second: Nicole Nelson, Jamestown
Third: Raquel Paaluhi, Jamestown
First: Rachel Stumpf, University of Mary
Second: Bill Heinzen, Jamestown
Third: Patrick Cronin, Jamestown
Personal Essay
Second: Alicia Strnad, MSUM
Third: Richard Schmit, Jamestown
Special Supplement
First: Richard Schmit, Jamestown
Second: Chelsea Watterud and Scott Larkin, University of Mary
Publication Regularly Edited by Entrant
First: Richard Schmit, Jamestown
Second: Chelsea Watterud and Theresa Ell, University of Mary
Single News Photo
First: Jordan Hess, Jamestown
Second: Jesse Kelly, Minot State
Third: Erin Delo, Jamestown
Single Feature Photo
First: Jesse Kelly, Minot State
Second: Jordan Hess, Jamestown
Single Sports Photo
First: Richard Schmit, Jamestown
Second: Jesse Kelly, Minot State
Third: Jordan Hess, Jamestown
Photo Essay
First: Jesse Kelly, Minot
Second: Jordan Hess, Jamestown
General News Reporting
First: Nathan Matson, MSUM
Second: Hayley Vendsel, UND
Third: Rebecca Gilbuena, MSUM
Honorable Mention: Ryan Kotschevar, MSUM
Honorable Mention: Whitney Hay, MSUM
On-the-scene News Reporting
First: Rebecca Gilbuena, MSUM
Investigative / In-depth Report
First: Rebecca Gilbuena, Tim Gerszuski, Nathan Aamodt, MSUM
Second: Trista Jetvig, Kyle Johnson, MSUM
Third: Michael Quinn, MSUM
Third: Whitney Hay, MSUM
Honorable Mention: Hayley Vendsel, UND
Feature Reporting
First: Ryan Kotschevar, MSUM           
Second: Kaylee Nesdahl, UND               
Second: Rebecca Gilbuena, MSUM           
Third: Kayla Hoots, UND               
Honorable Mention: Kit Cross, MSUM
First: Tiffany Krinke, Jamestown 
General Sports Reporting
First: Todd Kurtz, MSUM 
Second: Eric Swanson, UND 
Third: Corey Pierre, MSUM 
Honorable Mention: Tim Frie, MSUM 
Feature Sports Reporting
First:  Eric Swanson, UND
Second: Corey Pierre, MSUM
Third: Tim Frie, MSUM
Honorable Mention: Jeremy Curron, UND
Honorable Mention: Todd Kurtz, MSUM
Special Programming
First: Kit Cross and Patrick Joyner, MSUM
Second:  Ashley McMillan, University of Mary
Regularly Scheduled News/Information Program
First: Studio One, UND
Second: Campus News, MSUM
TV Weather Broadcast
First: Studio One, UND
TV News Photography
Second: Kyle Johnson and Chris Flynn, MSUM
TV Feature Photography
First: Nathan Matson, MSUM
First:  Nathan Aamodt, MSUM
Second: Lezlie Thompson, MSUM
Second: Tim Gerszewski, MSUM
Third: Justin Gonzalez, UND
Honorable Mention: Kit Cross, MSUM
TV Sports Photography
First: Justin Gonzalez, UND               
Second: C. Anakwenze and J. Hoistad, MSUM
Third: Erik Aarsand, MSUM
Honorable Mention: Brett Miller, MSUM
Advertising – Print
Single Display Ad
Second: Jenna Tews, Jamestown College
Second: Kristine Henke, UND
Other Communications Materials
News Releases
Second: Kristine Henke, UND
Second: Kayla Hoots, UND
First: Micah Rothman, University of Mary
Second: Jessica Bauman, University of Mary
Yearbook/Annual Literary Magazine
First: Alicia Haich, Andy Hall, Casey Neumiller, Jason Walth, Dickinson State University
Second:Lake Region Students, Lake Region State College
First: Sydney Bren, University of Mary
Short Fiction & Poetry
Second: Richard Schmit, Jamestown College

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