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NDPC 2013 College Communications Contest Winners

Winners of the 2013 North Dakota Professional Communicators College Communications Contest were recognized at the NDPC state conference held 
April 19 in Minot. Students and teams from five North Dakota and western Minnesota schools participated in the annual competition.

Communication professionals in each field judged entries from student journalists, editors, broadcasters, photographers, designers and writers. NDPC presented 63 awards in 37 categories. 

The contest is open to any student enrolled in a two-year or four-year college or university in North Dakota or Moorhead, Minn. Judges, selected for their professional expertise in each field, critique entries and provide students with feedback. 

Participating institutions were: Jamestown College; Dickinson State University; Minnesota State University Moorhead; University of North Dakota, Grand Forks; and Lake Region State College, Devils Lake.

NDPC is devoted to the advancement of professional and student communicators through workshops, contests, mentoring and continuing education opportunities.

2013 College Communications Contest results

Print Media Entries

News Reporting 
1st Place – Bryce Haugen, MSUM
2nd Place – Joshua Knutson, Jamestown
3rd Place – Masaki Ova, Jamestown
Honorable Mention – Cassandra Johnson, Dickinson
Honorable Mention – Meredith Wathne, MSUM          

1st Place – Lesina Manuath, Dickinson
2nd Place – Alex Jacobs, Dickinson
3rd Place – Jenna Sandman, Dickinson
Honorable Mention – Chantel Hubert, Dickinson       

Feature Story
1st Place – Jasmine Maki, MSUM
2nd Place – Charly Haley, MSUM
3rd Place – Sarah Tyre, MSUM
Honorable Mention – Kristin Kirtz, MSUM

Personality Profile
1st Place – Thomas Cooke, Jamestown
2nd Place – Masaki Ova, Jamestown      

Personal Column
1st Place – Nathan Schultz, Jamestown
2nd Place – David James, Dickinson
3rd Place – Lydia DeJesus, Dickinson       

Sports Writing
1st Place – Breann Lenzmeier, MSUM
2nd Place – Thomas Cooke, Jamestown

1st Place – Nathan Schultz, Jamestown
2nd Place – Brian Ashburn, MSUM

Personal Essay 
1st Place – Jordan Mork, Dickinson
2nd Place –   Ryan Crossingham, Dickinson
3rd Place (tie) – Chantel Hubert, Dickinson
3rd Place (tie – Robert Meador, Dickinson       

Section Regularly Edited By Entrant
1st Place – Jasmine Maki, MSUM

Special Supplement
1st Place – Masaki Ova, Jamestown      

Publication Regularly Edited by Entrant
1st Place –  Masaki Ova, Jamestown      
2nd Place – Jasmine Maki, MSUM
3rd Place – Alex Jacobs, Dickinson       


Single News Photo
2nd Place – Jessica Fleming, MSUM

Single Feature Photo
1st Place – Ben Gumeringer, MSUM
2nd Place – Jessica Fleming, MSUM

Single Sports Photo
1st Place – Jessica Fleming, MSUM
2nd Place – Lexi Tooley, Dickinson
3rd Place – Breann Lenzmeier, MSUM

Photo Essay
1st Place – Kaitlyn Teske, MSUM
2nd Place – Kaylee Osowski, MSUM
3rd Place – Jessica Fleming, MSUM 
Honorable Mention – Lexi Tooley, Dickinson       


General News Reporting
1st Place – Brian Gendreau, UND
2nd Place –  Zach Denzer, MSUM
3rd Place – Stephanie Scheurer, UND
Honorable Mention – Matthew Nies, Jamestown
Honorable Mention – Olivia Faacks, UND        

On-the-Scene News Reporting
1st Place – Kim Kressin, MSUM 

Investigative /In-depth Report
1st Place – Stephanie Scheurer, UND
2nd Place – Zach Denzer, MSUM 
3rd Place – Kallyn Klein, MSUM
Honorable Mention – Ali Strand, UND             

Feature Reporting
1st Place – Brian Gendreau, UND
2nd Place – Ali Strand, UND
3rd Place – Anne Hook, UND
Honorable Mention – Olivia Faacks, UND
Honorable Mention – Stephanie Scheurer, UND 

#22 Interview
1st Place – Victor  Correa, UND
2nd Place (tie) – Alicia Strand, MSUM
2nd Place (tie) – Kristijana Dogan, UND
3rd Place – Anne Hook, UND
Honorable Mention – Katie Fletcher, UND

General Sports Reporting 
1st Place – Brian Gendreau, UND
2nd Place – Kyle See-Rockers, UND
3rd Place – Brittany Olafson, MSUM
Honorable Mention – Chase Miller, MSUM

Feature Sports Reporting
1st Place – Brian Gendreau, UND
2nd Place (tie) – Robert Swanson, MSUM
2nd Place (tie) – Kyle See-Rockers, UND
3rd Place – Katelyn Wigmore, MSUM

Special Programming
1st Place – Kristijana Dogan, UND

Regularly Scheduled News/Information Program
1st Place – MSUM Campus News, MSUM 
2nd Place – Studio One, UND
3rd Place – Courtney Oliver, Jamestown

TV Weather Broadcast
1st Place – Studio One, UND

TV News Photography
1st Place – Robert Swanson, MSUM
2nd Place – Mat Gleeson, MSUM
3rd Place – Kristi Larson, MSUM

TV Feature Photography
1st Place – Brian Gendreau, UND
2nd Place – Megan Havig, MSUM
3rd Place – Anne Hook, UND
Honorable Mention – Shoko Akiyama, MSUM
Honorable Mention – Victor Correa, UND

TV Sports Photography
1st Place – Robert Swansen, MSUM
2nd Place – Collin Boyles/Courtney Ficek, MSUM
3rd Place – Brian Gendreau, UND

Television Electronic Graphics
1st Place – Andrew Hendricks, MSUM
2nd Place – Nick Hanson, MSUM

Web Design

Web Page Design
2nd Place – Jeremy Maahs, MSUM

Writing for  the Web
1st Place – Lane Zyvoloski, MSUM
2nd Place – Jasmine Maki, MSUM 
3rd Place – Megan Havig, MSUM
Honorable Mention – Meghan Feir, MSUM          

Website Edited by Entrant
1st Place – Meredith Wathne, MSUM 
2nd Place – Charly Haley, MSUM

Other Communications Materials

News Releases
1st Place – Kyle Kohns, UND
2nd Place – Nick Johnson, UND

1st Place – Chelsy Grover, UND
2nd Place – Impressions, Dickinson 
(Connor Cunningham, Alex Jacobs, Dara Anderson, Ryan Crossingham)

Yearbook/Annual Literary Magazine
1st Place – Lake Region State College
2nd Place – Impressions, Dickinson
(Connor Cunningham, Alex Jacobs, Dara Anderson, Ryan Crossingham)

Combination Promotion Campaign
1st Place – Studio One, UND

1st Place – Nick Johnson, UND
3rd Place – Kyle Kohns, UND

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