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4 Ways Communications Professionals Can Supercharge Their Summer

Tuesday, June 19, 2018 7:45 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

When we were children, summer meant enjoying freedom from school schedules, soaking up every ray of sunshine possible, and enjoying ice cream treats in the heat of the day.

As professionals, we’re expected to continue toiling away like business as usual (pun intended). Just because you don’t get to take a 3-month hiatus from your job doesn’t mean you can’t put the summer to work for you.

Here are four ideas for how you can maximize summer and supercharge your career:

  1. Volunteer. Giving back to people is an immediate mood booster, but you can also search for opportunities that match your professional skills with your altruistic instincts. Great at coaching public speakers? Volunteer at a non-profit that specializes in preparing people for interviews. You’ll get to help people as well as put your knowledge to good use.
  2. Network. Golf is not a game for everyone, but the summer offers too many opportunities to participate in golfing events not to at least take advantage of one. Your putting skills may be lacking, but you can put your networking skills to good use by meeting new people. Even if you don’t make immediate business contacts, you’ll at least get a good dose of Vitamin D.
  3. Put technical skills to work. People plan a ton of events for the summer, especially around here because beautiful summer weather is fleeting. Offer your design or photography skills to a family member or friend hosting an event so you can keep your skills sharp. Plus, it could lead to paying work later. If nothing else, you’ll have additional material for your portfolio of work.
  4. Plan playtime. Everyone wants to take vacation at some point during the summer. You can be especially on your game by coordinating with your supervisor to ensure your team can continue operating at its maximum by not leaving the country for two weeks at the same time your boss does. Your thoughtfulness will also endear you to those who look up to you for guidance.  ​

- Danielle Teigen, NDPC President

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